Green Flag for local park and cemetery

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A NEWTOWNABBEY park and cemetery have scored full marks in the prestigious Green Flag Awards.

For the first time ever, Newtownabbey Borough Council entered two of its green spaces for the national award competition and both succeeded in achieving the excellence mark. The two areas to achieve the status were Mossley Park and Mallusk Cemetery.

The Mayor, Alderman Victor Robinson commented: “The awards positively reflect on the hard work carried out and I congratulate the council’s park and cemeteries staff and the local community who have come together to achieve this success.

“Not only is the Green Flag a prestigious award, it is also a great example of civic achievement and provides communities with a fantastic sense of civic pride.”

Flag raising ceremonies will take place on Friday, August 17, at 2pm in Mallusk Cemetery and on Wednesday, August 22, at 4pm in Mossley Park. Each ceremony will be followed by a Fun Day including refreshments, face painting, arts and crafts and sporting activities.

The Fun day for Mallusk Cemetery will be hosted in the Academy Sports Club.