Looking back... Report highlights sports club members’ spending on alcohol

Members of sports clubs in Newtownabbey spent a total of £4,124 on alcohol in 1966, according to figures published in the East Antrim Times.

The sum of £3,156 was spent on alcohol at Ballyclare Golf Club and £968 at the Ulster Transport Bowling and Tennis Club in Jordanstown.

In Greenisland, golfers spent £3,360 on booze in the clubhouse.

Overall, approximately £100,000 was spent on alcohol in 22 licensed sports and social clubs in County Antrim in 1966.

The clubs had a combined membership of 9,300. And each member spent an average of £11 on liquor that year.

The Royal British Legion Club in Larne had the highest yearly annual alcohol expenditure, amounting to £5,774.