Looking back... Sound of drums causes noise nuisance in Ballyclare

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A copy of Ballyclare Urban District Council’s by-laws was to be sent to a local drumming club in September 1963 following complaints of noise nuisance.

Councillor Sid Cameron told a meeting of the council: “Only last Saturday, there was a drumming match in the square.

“I suggested they would be doing something good if they were to move a matter of 20 yards to Dixon Park.”

Mr Cameron also told the meeting that “street preachers” caused nuisance.

He added: “I am not saying that these preachers should be asked to remove themselves but only that they turn down the volume of their microphones so as not to irritate people.”

Commenting on the sound of drumming practice in the town hall, he said: “Sometimes you would think that they are trying to blow the roof off the town hall.

“These people do not realise that children may be trying to sleep or that old people cannot stand prolonged noise.”

Copies of the council’s by-laws were also to be displayed outside the town hall and sent to the RUC Station.

Cllr Thomas Harvey said that residents of Ballyclare should be aware of its by-laws.