Lottery brings feel good factor to Doagh

Tasha Graham and Thomas Robinson from the Mace store in Doagh. INNT 24-407-RM
Tasha Graham and Thomas Robinson from the Mace store in Doagh. INNT 24-407-RM
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Speculation that an £81million lottery winner was from Doagh brought the feel good factor, the man who may have sold the ticket has said.

Rumours spread like wildfire around the village and on social networks that one very lucky Doagh villager picked up a cool £81,381,673 on the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday, May 28.

The huge windfall has already been claimed and the money processed.

Lottery operator Camelot would only say the ticket was won by a UK winner and they had opted for anonymity.

However, last week speculation emerged that the ticket may have been purchased in the local McDonald and Edens Mace store in the centre of the village.

John Edens, partner of the shop and filling station said: “It has to be stressed that it is nothing but speculation and there has been absolutely no confirmation.

“We know no more than anyone else - I’ve no idea where the rumours even came from.”

He went on: “But the thought of there even being a win has brought a real feel good factor to the village.

“There have been more people coming in buying their tickets, maybe in the hope that a little bit of that supposed luck rubs off on them. The shop has been that wee bit busier since the rumours started as there is another big draw coming up.

“People seem to be a bit more happier chatting about it, even though they don’t know who has won the money.

“We have never had a huge win - especially one this big - before, although there has been the odd scratch card winner.

“We don’t cash out on wins and people have to go to the Post Office if they get lucky, so there could be more we don’t know about.”

John may have possibly sold the winning ticket. When asked what it was like to potentially be the man with the midas touch, he added: “That would be something.

“It’s just nice to think that someone, possibly from Doagh, may have won this huge prize.

“I don’t know what they would do with it, but I would wish them all the best.”

The win is the sixth biggest award ever seen in UK lottery history and the winner would be the richest in the country.

Lottery bosses remained tight-lipped and would only say the winner was from the UK and had opted for anonymity.