Artist leads tribute to Titanic’s victims

Paying tribute to the Titanic's fallen children  - Caleb (10) front left and Naomi (9) Fegan, front right on board the SS Nomadic. INNT 17-453-CON
Paying tribute to the Titanic's fallen children - Caleb (10) front left and Naomi (9) Fegan, front right on board the SS Nomadic. INNT 17-453-CON

Four local children have paid tribute to the young victims who drowned on board the Titanic 102 years ago.

The youngsters were guests of Newtownabbey artist Lise Mc Greevy who joined her onboard the SS Nomadic for a special remembrance event.

Titanic had an estimated 2,224 people on board when it struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage resulting in the deaths of more than 1,500 passengers.

The SS Nomadic ferried passengers to the Titanic prior to departure from Belfast.

The tribute took place during a special showing of Lise’s Andy-Warhol-style inspired exhibition on board the Nomadic.

To get a feel for the era, the children were dressed in costumes styled from the Titanic era.

Lise said: “Had the crew and passengers heeded the call to board women and children first, every woman and child could have been saved with room to spare. A harrowing fact which made me stop and think, and that’s when I decided to compile this exhibition, ‘We Salute you…’, in remembrance of Titanic’s fallen, especially the children.”

As the young who perished were at the core of her study, Lise decided to involve her three nephews, Noah, aged seven, and Finn Gregg, five, from Downhill Avenue and Caleb, 10, and her niece, Naomi Fegan, eight, from Sharonmore Parade, as child models in her exhibition.

Lise continued: “On hearing the plight of the children, the kids were all very willing to participate in this tribute. It’s not only this great ship that should be commemorated, but also the poor people who lost their lives to her.”

Caleb has just been studying the story of Titanic at school and enjoyed touring the exhibition on board that evening.

He said: “I really enjoyed learning about the Titanic at school and we went on a trip to the Titanic Quarter recently which was brilliant.”

“It must have been terrible for the children on board the Titanic. One minute they were really happy at the thought of starting a new life in America and then the iceberg hit – it must have been terrifying.”

Lise uses positive and negatives photographic images of Captain John Smith to create an original ‘Flag of Remembrance’ and in addition, photographs of other famous individuals who were on board when the iceberg struck, were used to create new art works.

The exhibition has been touring the Titanic Quarter since December and is currently being hosted by the Nomadic and The Streat Café, at the Odyssey, until the end of April prior to going to its final port of call on this tour, The Belfast Barge during May and June.

“Everyone is welcome to come to all venues, and I am very grateful to all who decide to do so.” said Lise.

“The Nomadic is a great, fun venue for the young and old alike – there is so much to do on board for the whole family,” she said.

Anyone who is interested in paying a visit can avail of 20 per cent off the standard price on board for every one of their party by presenting the discount flyer which can be downloaded on Lise’s face book at www.facebook/lisemcgreevyphotographic.