Call for reinstatement of Jordanstown footbridge

EAST Antrim MLA Alastair Ross has written to Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy in an effort to secure the reinstatement of the footbridge at Jordanstown train station at the earliest opportunity.

The footbridge, an iconic structure until its removal in the 1980s, allowed the transfer of passengers from one platform to the other when the barriers at the level crossing on Jordanstown Road were closed to pedestrian traffic.

“With the opening of the popular park and ride facility at Jordanstown Station last year and the boost to passenger numbers this has provided, more commuters have contacted me regarding the difficulties they have had in accessing the Belfast-bound platform from the car park, which is on the Larne-bound side of the station,” Mr Ross (below) explained.

“Some potential passengers are waiting up to ten minutes at peak times when the barriers are down and this meaning they miss their train, despite the efforts of staff at the station to accommodate them.

“Work will be commencing in the coming months on the A2 widening scheme and this will place a real strain on the transport infrastructure of east Antrim and particularly the Jordanstown and Greenisland areas.

“It will be vitally important that the Larne railway line is able to cope with an increased capacity in passenger numbers and that they are happy with the service they receive.

“The reinstatement of a footbridge at Jordanstown would allow easy access to the Belfast platform for commuters and show that the strategy of ‘letting the train take the strain’ is fully backed by the department.

“I have written to the Minister to ask that the footbridge option is in place to help commuters fully utilise NI Railways’ service with no barriers in their way,” the DUP man added.