Council to investigate Longlands ‘business’

The site at 28 Longlands Road. INNT 12-081-FP
The site at 28 Longlands Road. INNT 12-081-FP

NEWTOWNABBEY Council is to investigate if a business is operating legally from a residential property in the Longlands Road area.

At Monday’s (March 11) Planning and Consultation Committee meeting, Councillor Billy Webb said there was “clearly a car-breaking business operating at 28 Longlands Road” which was “disrupting” the lives of residents and was an “environmental disaster”.

He added: “I have alerted the Planning Service to this issue and would be interested in knowing what is happening.

“This is a long-established residential area, one in which many people are very proud of their homes until this business - at number 28 Longlands Road - began operating in the past few months.

“All the signs are there that they are operating a business and it’s an environmental disaster.

“I have contacted environmental health about this and when they visited they said there was no visible sign of a business in operation, which I was very disappointed about.

“There are tow-trucks and broken cars and men working on the site - there clearly is a business operating on the property.

“I have attempted to raise this matter with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, only they did not return my calls.

“I would be interested to know from a planning perspective what action can be taken on this matter.”

Local area planner John Davison responded by saying there was “a live enforcement case in progress on the matter”.

Councillor Webb proposed tasking the council’s “environmental department” to look into the matter.

He added: “The residents are suffering and they deserve our attention on this matter to try and help restore peace and tranquillity to their neighbourhood.”

Mayor Victor Robinson seconded the proposal, adding: “It is important that we address these concerns.”