Councillor hits back over ‘blatant lies’ posted on Facebook

Cllr Billy Webb.
Cllr Billy Webb.
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Macedon Councillor Billy Webb has hit out at Newtownabbey Arts and Cultural Network (NACN), accusing the group of posting “blatant lies” about him on Facebook.

The Alliance Party representative raised the issue during Monday night’s council Development Committee meeting during a discussion about the work of Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership (RNRP).

Cllr Webb, who has been chairman of RNRP since 2013, accused NACN of using the social media site for “personal attacks” and “spreading lies.”

“For some reason, only known to them, this group have been publishing lies about me and the Partnership and it is time for their followers and the local community to know what is going on,” he told the Times.

Cllr Webb hit back at several comments made on the NACN Facebook page, including claims that RNRP “has not achieved very much for the community of Rathcoole”, has “wasted the community’s money” and “attacked the good work NACN is doing”.

He also rubbished claims on the page that he is “Chair off Bawnmore and Longlands” and that RNRP is “throwing the Rathcoole Protestant Boys and Sons of KAI out on the street”.

“I find it quite pathetic that this group has to resort to such personal attacks and particularly when the content is so full of blatant lies.

“Let me be clear, Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership, which is made up of community and statutory representatives and councillors from all political parties in Macedon, has achieved many successes in Rathcoole and we will not be put off by these constant petty attacks.”

Responding, David Crooks, NACN chairman, said: “This is definitely not a personal attack on Billy Webb, but the community, according to our survey, is not happy with Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership and what they are doing for the area.”

He stressed that NACN is determined to work for the whole community to tackle key issues such as poverty and deprivation and educate people about their history and culture.