Councillors accused of ‘sleeping’ during committee meeting

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A SPAT broke out between two councillors at this week’s committee meeting, with one representative accusing others of “sleeping” during meetings.

At the Policy and Governance meeting on Monday (April 22), as councillors made their way through the agenda, Alderman John Blair pulled the meeting back to ask questions about a item already approved by the members.

Following the questions, Councillor John Scott intervened: “Can I ask that members keep up with the meeting.

“We are on item 10 and some people want to bring us back to item eight.”

Alderman Blair accused Councillor Scott of a venomous attack and said he had “every right to question how ratepayers money and council resources were being used”.

Mr Scott responded: “I did not accuse anyone of anything. All I said was members should keep up. It is not my fault people are sleeping while the meetings is going on.”