Dean’s labour of love reflects need to escape

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Up-and-coming singer songwriter Dean Kernoghan has just announced his arrival on the music stage with the release of his first EP ‘Wherever You Go’.

The 34-year-old Ballyclare man, who works as audio/visual technician at Hazelwood Integrated College, has almost single-handedly produce the four track CD.

Dean Kernoghan. INNT 32-034-FP

Dean Kernoghan. INNT 32-034-FP

He told the Times: “I love the Californian Laurel Canyon scene - a kind of easy going vibe - and that is what I was trying to achieve with this EP.

“I get inspiration from the likes of Neil Young, Jackson Brown, the Eagles and a bit of country, although I try not to pigeon-hole myself.

“It’s laid-back accoustic, although it’s not a perfect accoustic sound.”

Tracks included on the CD include ‘Somewhere I Can Breathe’, ‘50 Million Miles from Home’, ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ and title track ‘Wherever you Go’.

Dean, who also teaches guitar, continued: “I also like to include something a bit different on the recordings.

“On ‘Somewhere I can Breathe, there is a piece I recorded at the Antrim Steam Fair.

“That song took me six years to put together.

“It comes from my time in New Zealand, I was there for four months and then the day before I left I met a girl, but I had to go back home the very next day. Which is just typical.”

He added: “All my songs have a theme of wanting to leave and escape from it all - to be a million miles from home, it’s just a feeling I have.

“I am always trying to find something better and believe that there is a better life out there and to keep searching for it.

“I spend my time writing and putting together samples, my phone has thousands of demos I have stored up over the years - I find inspiration everywhere.

“I don’t do it for an income or for fame and fortune, I just enjoy it as an artist would enjoy painting.

“But it’s nice just to have this CD to actually hold something I have put together myself.”

Dean’s EP is available to listen to on his website,