Don’t fall victim to thieves

As temperatures fall to zero and below, Newtownabbey Police are advising motorists to be mindful of the security of their vehicles as they prepare them for travelling in the cold mornings.

In order to deter thieves from trying to make an easy getaway in your vehicle, Chief Superintendent Henry Irvine is urging people to follow some simple advice.

“It is important that motorists remain alert and are aware of their surroundings as they prepare their vehicles during these cold mornings. It is advisable not to leave your vehicle running and unattended, even for a short length of time.

“Always take your keys from the ignition when leaving the vehicle,” he said.

“While it is good practice that all windows should be thoroughly thawed and cleared before driving, police would advise motorists to sit in the vehicle for the few minutes it takes to clear windows and heat the interior,” Chief Supt Irvine added.