DUP man condemns brawl in Ballyclare park

DUP council election candidate, Jordan Greer.
DUP council election candidate, Jordan Greer.

Ballyclare DUP council election candidate, Jordan Greer has hit out at those responsible for organising a fight between teenagers in the town last Friday evening (March 7).

Mr Greer claimed that a crowd of around 60 young people had gathered in the War Memorial Park to watch “an arranged fight between secondary age youths.”

“There have been numerous incidents such as this in the past, with arranged fights being organised over social media and via text message, encouraging individuals to fight and large groups to come and watch,” the Newtownabbey Policing and Community Safety Partnership member commented.

“I would urge any young person partaking in such activity to stop and think of the possible consequences of their actions which could lead to injury to themselves and others and even a criminal record.”