‘Everyone should respect the sanctity of the cemetery’

Deputy Mayor Fraser Agnew
Deputy Mayor Fraser Agnew

NEWTOWNABBEY Borough Council has stepped up patrols by its park wardens in a bid to deter anti-social yobs who have been using Carnmoney Cemetery as a sectarian battleground.

A spokesperson confirmed that the local authority, which is responsible for operating and managing the cemetery, has been in contact with the PSNI regarding the recent trouble.

“Last week the council’s parks wardens increased their patrols in the area and contact has also been made with local community representatives to try to resolve the problems.

“The cemetery gates are still open as normal until 9pm nightly as the council wants to ensure that families have continued access to visit the graves of their loved ones,” the spokesperson explained.

Speaking about the situation, Deputy Mayor Fraser Agnew added: “I am appealing to parents to find out where their young people are in the evenings and what they are doing. It is unbelievable that young people are using the grounds of a cemetery to engage in confrontation with each other. Everyone should respect the sanctity of the cemetery and consider the feelings of the families whose loved ones have graves in Carnmoney.”