Executive takes legal action against Rathcoole tenant

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The Housing Executive has taken possession of a property in the Rathcoole estate in response to complaints about anti-social behaviour.

The Executive went to court and secured an Order for Possession of the property, located in “Lower Rathcoole”.

Commenting on the successful action, the Housing Executive’s South Antrim Area Manager, Sharon Crooks, said: “This is not action the Housing Executive has taken lightly, but was a last resort after all other attempts to resolve the problems were unsuccessful.

“As a housing authority, we do not want to see people losing their homes. However, we have a duty to the vast majority of residents in our housing areas who are law-abiding and have a right to be able to live in peace.

“In dealing with anti-social behaviour, staff in the South Antrim area offices work to resolve problems through early intervention and mediation. This approach is often successful, preventing the need for more serious action to be taken.

“We know that anti-social behaviour can cause misery and anxiety for local residents and these actions show our commitment to protecting them. We are working closely with the local community to ensure that anti-social behaviour does not take hold and we need people to come forward and report incidents as and when they occur. Unless we know about such incidents, we cannot tackle them.”

Appealing to the local community for their continued support, she added: “I would ask anyone who has experienced or witnessed anti-social behaviour to come forward and report it to the local offices in Newtownabbey.

“Individual victims are often fearful of coming forward and this is understandable. However it is vital that we have the support and evidence provided by local people, because, without it, we may not be able to tackle the issue effectively.”

Anyone experiencing problems relating to anti-social behaviour can contact the Executive on 03448 920 900.