Wonderful Winter Jasmine

Jasmine Nudiflorum (contributed photo).o

Jasmine Nudiflorum (contributed photo).o

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Our Plant of the Month for February is Jasmine Nudiflorum.

This beautiful, winter flowering Jasmine starts to show it yellow flowers from late October and will continue to flower through the winter months, finishing in April or May. This is one of the few climbing plants that flowers all through the winter.

John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

Jasmine is happy in both sun and shade. It has no leaves in the winter and can grow up to five metres in height. Once it finishes flowering, you can cut back.

Unfortunately, the winter Jasmine does not have any fragrance, unlike the Summer Flowering Jasmine.

Jasmine can be fixed to a wall with lead-headed nails for a trellis.

We have plants available in the garden centre and it is now a good time to plant as the ground is faily well drained. Use Westland Rose,Tree & Shrub compost in the planting hole.

Enjoy this lovely climber.

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