Flats issues to be ‘addressed soon’

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The Housing Executive has said it will be working to address maintenance concerns of residents living in a block of Rathcoole flats ‘as soon as possible’.

Last week a resident hit out at the Executive for announcing plans to refurbish a block of flats in Rushpark despite not addressing their concerns after similar work was carried out on the Glencoole multi-storey.

The Housing Executive completely renovated the building, giving residents impressive new living accommodation.

However, the residents were soon left cold with the work as persistent problems with draughts meant they were forced to have their heating on full throughout the day and night, even in good weather.

Rathcoole man Tommy Milne told the Times that while he was initially “delighted” with the work, the draughts had meant his electric bills were “sky high”.

A spokeswoman for the housing organisation responded: “The Housing Executive has received complaints from seven of the tenants in these flats around a range of issues including draughts, difficulty in heating and floor coverings.

“Our maintenance officers have visited the flats and carried out a number of inspections and will be working to address tenants’ concerns as soon as possible,” she said.