Grasp the nettle of youth opportunities

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ALLIANCE Councillor Billy Webb has said it is important the council acts on a recent visit to sample the youth facilities offered in England.

Councillors and officers travelled to Bolton Lads and Girls Club in February to see how it delivers provision of youth services in its area.

Councillors said the scheme, which is hailed as an example for others to follow, should be used as inspiration for the council’s youth services.

Councillor Webb said: “It is important that we act on that visit as soon as possible and grasp the nettle to take the opportunities.

“While what we saw in Bolton may go far beyond what we can do ourselves, there is plenty that we can develop on.

“It is important we have possible opportunities in front of us to work on sooner rather than later.

“I would hate to think that we would be waiting another year before something comes from what was a very productive visit.”