Workers less likely to take sick days if colleagues have to help out

Workers are less likely to call in sick if they think their absence will make life tough for their colleagues, a study revealed yesterday (Thu).

Joggin in cities with high levels of pollution can damage your health.

Exercising in pollution bad for the heart

Jogging or cycling in cities like London increases the chances of heart failure because of the amount of polluted air breathed in, it was revealed today.


Dope smoking on the rise among the over-50s

The number of Baby Boomers - who grew up in the Sixties - getting spaced out on cannabis has almost doubled in the last eight years.

The car seat being recalled

Child car seats recalled

Mamas & Papas is recalling a number of child car seats following safety concerns.
Boy eating a burger

Ban on junk food ads targeted at children

Ads for junk food and drink targeted at children are to be banned from the internet in a bid to combat the obesity epidemic.

A robin

Feeders and crows bad news for robins

Bird feeders that attract crows could spell bad news for the red breasted robin, a new study found.

Paula Bradley (right) hopes more people will be able to recognise the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer.

Campaign launched to explain symptoms

DUP MLA Paula Bradley is encouraging local people to know the symptoms of pancreatic cancer, and is supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK’s drive to improve the care of local people with the disease.

'One or two high blood glucose readings shouldnt affect long-term diabetes control, but people should aim to avoid persistently high readings,' Dr David Chaney said.

Don’t buy expensive ‘diabetic’ chocolate, warns Diabetes NI Director

Dr David Chaney, Diabetes UK Northern Ireland National Director, has written a letter of advice for people who struggle to manage the condition at Christmas.


Scientists say nuts to heart disease

A daily handful of any type of nuts slashes the risk of heart disease and cancer, Britain's biggest killers.

Exercising is good for young minds

Lack of exercise slows up learning

Boys are failing at school because they don't get enough exercise which boosts oxygen flow to the brain, according to new research.

Trevor Harvey has his head shaved for Hope House Ireland. Pic by Cyril Boyd. INNT 49-455-CON

Trevor braves the cold in aid of Hope House

A head shave for a Whitehead based cancer charity aims to give Hope House Ireland a £1,200 boost.

December 1 is World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day in Northern Ireland

Today is World AIDS Day.

That sickly feeling - beware the winter 'vomiting bug'

Health warning as winter vomiting bug spreads across Northern Ireland

The Public Health Agency (PHA) is making people aware of the presence of the winter vomiting and diarrhoea virus, also known as norovirus, circulating in the community.

Joining forces -  Michael McKinstry (Chief Executive, Phoenix), Ronan Larkin (Director, NI Water), Nicholas Tarrant (Managing Director, NIE Networks) and Mairead Meyer (Managing Director, BT).

Utility companies join forces for winter

NI’s main utility companies join forces to battle ‘extreme weather’

A man suffering from stress

Should I disclose my mental health issues to my employer?

One in six workers experience stress, anxiety and depression at any given time but, more often than not, workers don’t disclose their problems and mental health remains a workplace taboo.

A doctor checking a child

New study reveals lack of awareness from parents at spotting symptoms of meningitis

Parents admit they would struggle to identify the signs of meningitis, spot if their child was being bullied - or even perform CPR on a baby or child, a study has found.

Men with more masculine tendencies are thought to be more at risk at suffering from mental health issues.

‘Laddish’ men more likely to have mental health issues

Typical ‘lads’ are more likely to suffer mental health problems, a new study suggests.

Health 1
Some of the items seized by police

Ambulance called after cannabis cookies make eight people ill

Police are investigating after a group of people became ill after consuming cannabis cookies at an address in the Ballymena area on Sunday evening.

Paul Livingstone is taking on the dauning physical challenge in memory of his late mother Doris, who sadly passed away in December 2006 from oesophageal cancer.

Solicitor takes on one of America’s toughest treks for Marie Curie

Paul Livingstone is about to undertake one of the greatest challenges of his life - trekking through the Smoky Mountains.

Local lecturer to present at London medical meeting

Local lecturer to present at London medical meeting

A university lecturer from Ballyclare is set to present at a top conference next week.

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