‘More people must use bus services’

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BALLYCLARE councillor Paul Girvan has urged more people in the town and surrounding villages to make use of local bus services.

As reported in the February 16 edition of the Times, Translink officials have warned that some bus services could be axed over the next couple of years if more people don’t use them.

Commenting on Translink’s decision to retain the Flexibus service covering Ballyclare, Doagh and Burnside for a further period to see if usage and throughput increases, alderman Girvan said: “This action by Translink must be welcomed and we commend them for reacting positively to local political lobbying.

“However, I must implore the general public to become more proactive in their use of these services. Given the spread of service, its regularity and its cost, it provides an important linkage to the Ballyclare district.”

The DUP Assemblyman also welcomed moves to improve bus links between Belfast and Ballyclare in the evenings, and said that lobbying will continue for services to be extended into the weekends.