‘Motorists must report damaged road surfaces’: Assembly member

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EAST Antrim MLA Alastair Ross has urged motorists to report any problems with the road surfaces in their local area to the Roads Service.

Speaking after receiving reports of potholes along the Shore Road and on the M2 near the Bellevue Bridge, Mr Ross said: “At this time of year, the freeze-thaw action causes great stress on the tarmac surfaces of all our roads. I know that the Roads Service do a good job of regularly patrolling the main routes, but there are major issues in some of our side streets and non-trunk roads.

“It is easy for us all to grumble at the ‘state of the road’ but we as motorists do have a part to play. Informing the appropriate body will ensure that minor damage can be quickly repaired before it leads to a major resurfacing issue.”

The DUP man added: “If you see any potholes in your area, on your way to work or to pick up the kids from school, please report them through either the nidirect.gov.uk website or by telephoning 0300 200 7893.”