‘New Life Counselling - we’re listening’

You don't have to travel the journey of anxiety or depression alone. Contact New Life Counselling for help.
You don't have to travel the journey of anxiety or depression alone. Contact New Life Counselling for help.

“Counselling has made me confront the reality of my past. I’m not just an angry teenager, lashing out because I don’t get my own way - I’m a teenager who’s had to grow up very fast. I know I’m not perfect but counselling is helping me change my outlook on life.” - Client, 2012.

One in four of us experience mental ill health in any one year. Counselling is a recognised therapy for treating mild and moderate conditions, from depression, anger issues, body image, suicidal thoughts and anxiety, to name a few.

New Life Counselling is a local charity working to provide counselling and therapeutic services to help people deal with issues affecting their mental health.

It was set up in 1993 and today, 19 years later, the charity continues to grow and expand providing services across Northern Ireland in schools and community venues. New Life Counselling works hard to provide counselling services free of charge for children, young people, adults and families.

New Life Counselling provides counselling support to people of all ages to help them cope with issues that are affecting their mental health. In 2011 the charity worked with over 5,500 different people supporting them through issues using group work programmes and individual counselling sessions.

The qualified counsellors give people the chance to talk about issues that are affecting them and help them to find new ways to deal with difficult feelings. If you need to talk, then New Life is listening.

New Life Counselling also wishes to celebrate the contribution volunteers make to the work through participating in their supported volunteer counsellor programme and to community fundraisers who work to raise much needed funds to ensure the services remain free to those who need them most.

New Life Counselling provides supported volunteering opportunities to a limited number of individuals each year who are newly qualified counsellors and trainees in the last year of their training, with limited experience, to develop their skills and gain experience. Those who are interested in volunteering with New Life Counselling can regularly check the website for opportunities.

The charity is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who can raise funds for the work - for instance, in the past individuals have run marathons and arranged quizzes, so do contact the office if you would like to support the charity in this way.

If you are interested in finding out more about New Life Counselling the charity at 25 Ardoyne Road, Belfast, BT14 7HX or phone Tel: 028 9039 1630. You can also visit www.newlifecounselling.net for more information or fill in a referral form online. A representative from the charity will then be in touch to set up an initial appointment.