Revealed - the top present hiding locations this Christmas

Linen cupboards, gym bags and even the neighbour’s house are some of the places Christmas shoppers will hide presents in at attempt to avoid Christmas being spoiled by prying eyes.
Optimism could be the secret to a long and healthy life.

Optimism may make you live longer

Always look on the bright side of life – it could be the secret to longevity.

A happy family with well-behaved kids

Signs of success include being happy... and having well-behaved kids

Being happy, healthy and having well-behaved children are the true signs of success - far ahead of being rich, according to new research.

French President Francois Hollande welcoming the Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May for a work visit at the Elysee Palace.

What the different colour Brexits mean (other than meaning Brexit)

Soft Brexit - Retaining access to the single market even if that means accepting some of its rules, including some freedom of movement.
Fire damage

NIFRS issue safety warning after house fire caused by unattended candle

The NIFRS have released dramatic photographs of the damage caused to a home after an unattended candle was left burning too close to Christmas decorations.
Bing Crosby's and Martha Mears' version of 'White Christmas' is a firm festive favourite.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Whether it’s Wizzard or Shakin’ Stevens, everyone has a favourite Christmas song.

Zaac Spencer in the Rage Cage

UK’s first ‘anger room’ open and ready for rage

A former forklift truck driver is hoping his new venture will be a smash hit by charging customers up to £35 to destroy household items with bats and hammers.


We’re not kidding: Carrick goat rampage caught on video as story goes viral

The Carrick Times’ story on a rogue goat’s early morning rampage at a County Antrim store has gone viral, attracting thousands of hits online as well as the attention of major news outlets.

An iPhone charger

Shoppers warned cheap chargers fail safety tests

Consumers are being warned off buying bargain iPhone chargers online after 99 per cent failed a basic safety test.

Exercising is good for young minds

Lack of exercise slows up learning

Boys are failing at school because they don't get enough exercise which boosts oxygen flow to the brain, according to new research.

Billy goat's rough: the creature rears up on its hind legs alongside a car. INLT-50-713-con

Billy goat’s rough during rampage at Northern Ireland store

An escaped goat terrorised early-morning shoppers and munched on flower baskets as it ran amok at a Carrickfergus store on Saturday.

Mind the pie gap

WATCH: Supermarket solves ‘mince pie gap problem’

Supermarket chefs have solved a culinary conundrum which has baffled Christmas cooks for generations … how to remove the 'air gap' from a mince pie.

Good food available in NI

Northern Ireland food experiences to whet the appetite

Tourism Ireland are encouraging local people to enjoy a short break and savour a taste of Northern Ireland’s food experiences.
A new baby

Revealed: The top 10 girls' and boys' baby names of 2016

The most popular names for your little bundles of joy have been announced for another year - but is your chosen name on the list?
Alloa keeper Neil Parry preparing to take the fateful goalkick, with the unsuspecting seagull overhead

Video: Goal kick strikes flying seagull

This is the hilarious moment a keeper's goal kick went astray after it was deflected - by a seagull.

A man suffering from stress

Should I disclose my mental health issues to my employer?

One in six workers experience stress, anxiety and depression at any given time but, more often than not, workers don’t disclose their problems and mental health remains a workplace taboo.

Door chimes

Door chime recalled over electric shock fears

High street retailer Maplin have warned customers of a potential hazard with two items from its range.

Animal Friends say over 6,000 dogs will suffer chocolate poisoning by the end of 2016

Warning that thousands of dogs will be poisoned by chocolate this Christmas

Thousands of dogs could be fatally poisoned this Christmas by gobbling down festive chocolate treats left lying around by their owners, new research has shown.

Is your home rat proof?

Polar vortex could spark plague of rats in Northern Ireland this Christmas

Northern Ireland homeowners are being urged to be on their guard as cold weather threatens to spark a plague of rats over Christmas.

Using a mobile device while driving is illegal.

Mobile phones causing more problems on the road than ever

More than 86 per cent of UK motorists think distraction caused by mobile phones has become worse in the last three years, according to a study commissioned by road safety charity IAM RoadSmart.

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