Olympic glow from Karolyn burns bright

Karolyn Gaston and daughter Olivia. INNT 31-600con
Karolyn Gaston and daughter Olivia. INNT 31-600con
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A Jordanstown woman is helping to keep the Olympic flame burning by promoting the many good causes in need of a helping hand by starring in a music video.

Karolyn Gaston was one of 70,000 Games Makers who offered their free time to help deliver last year’s Olympic Games in London.

And now the 41-year-old is helping to keep the Olympic spirit alive by volunteering for National Lottery funded projects.

Karolyn donates her free time as a manager for charity Volunteer Now, which helps coordinate those willing to offer their services with organisations in need of help.

And to help get more people involved Karolyn has appeared in a music video to promote the rewards of volunteering.

‘National Lottery volunteers present’ celebrates people like Karolyn who volunteer for lottery funded projects across the UK.

The film champions the individuals making a difference in their local communities by shining a spotlight on the projects they support and showcasing the great work they do.

Karolyn said: “I’ve been volunteering for over 15 years, so you could say I caught the bug.

“Having the chance to be involved with the Olympics was very special and once it was over, I knew I had to keep going as I enjoyed it so much and being part of ‘Lottery Good Causes presents’ has been so much fun.

“I didn’t realise the lottery supported so many different types of projects, it was a real eye-opener.”

For more information on local volunteering opportunities and to watch the Karolyn’s starring role in the video go to www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/volunteer.