Police issue warning over scrambler misuse

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POLICE in Ballyclare have issued a reminder to young people that they can take action against anyone found to be misusing scramblers and quads in public places.

The warning comes after Housing Executive officials raised concerns about the misuse of off-road vehicles in the vicinity of the Grange estate.

Newtownabbey 2 District Manager, Sharon Crooks explained: “We are aware that the misuse of scramblers and quad bikes is causing considerable annoyance to residents in the Grange community.

“We would urge those involved to consider this, as well as bearing in mind the dangers associated with using scramblers and bikes in public areas, which is not permitted, and also the damage caused to these areas.

“We will continue to work with the PSNI and the local community in an effort to halt this activity and would encourage anyone with information to contact the Police or the district office at New Mossley so that any necessary action can be taken.”

Local Neighbourhood Sergeant, Alan Bowes commented: “Bikes and quads and similar vehicles are about fun and leisure, but this can come at a price.

“With the days now getting longer we have been receiving more and more reports from concerned members of the public about young people riding vehicles like scramblers and quads recklessly. We have noted a particular problem on Mondays in the field between Thornhill Drive and the rugby club. Residents in the Grange area say this activity is causing noise pollution, pedestrian annoyance and inconvenience, and scaring animals.

“We are also concerned about the legality of some of these vehicles. Under law, quads, go peds or mini motos are actually classified as motor vehicles. They are not suitable and not legal for use on roads or footpaths unless the rider has a driving licence, road tax, registration with DVANI, number plates and insurance.”

He added: “Police would urge young people to consider the people living in their community or the areas where these vehicles are being used. Parents too are asked to play their part by watching what their children are doing on these vehicles. No parent wants their child brought home by police for any wrong doing but if necessary police will refer an individual to the Police Youth Diversion Officer for prosecution purposes.”