‘Post box will be replaced after roadworks’



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The post box located at the entrance to Langley Hall which was removed during carriageway widening work on the A2 Shore Road will be replaced following completion of the roadworks, Royal Mail has confirmed.

Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell contacted Royal Mail about the removal of the post box after local residents raised concerns that it may have been removed permanently. However, he said that it had taken over four months to get a response on the issue.

Responding to Cllr Campbell’s query, spokesperson for Royal Mail, Barbara Roulston, said: “We are fully intending to replace the box at Langley Hall on the Shore Road, which has been temporarily removed due to the road widening work. It will be relocated as close to its original position as possible and will be reinstated as soon as the roadworks have been completed. In the meantime we apologise for the inconvenience caused to customers. The nearest alternative boxes are at Gleneden Park, 607 Shore Road and 41 Circular Road.”