Shoppers stampede to the butchers

Alastair Bonar of Nesbitt's Quality Meats, Glengormley. INNT 07-114-FP
Alastair Bonar of Nesbitt's Quality Meats, Glengormley. INNT 07-114-FP
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WITH the horse meat scandal becoming a major crisis in food supply, shoppers have been flocking back to their local butchers for quality assured produce.

Horse meat has been found in numerous processed products in the aisles of major supermarkets.

Tesco and Asda have both withdrawn products after samples were found to contain horse meat.

Despite assurances there is no risk to public health, the Europe-wide crisis has severely damaged consumer confidence in processed meats.

Glengormley butcher Alastair Bonar has seen new customers flock to his shop Nesbitt’s Quality Meats.

He said: “I have noticed more strangers come into the shop who are maybe more nervous of what they may be buying in the supermarket, there is no doubt confidence has been hit.

“Our sales are up, especially for our burgers. We make a good quality lean burger which is traceable right back to the field the meat came from.

“We make our own sausages and everything in the store comes from Northern Ireland beef, it is totally 100 per cent traceable, we have never bought in imported foreign meat.

“We stock hind-quarter beef, which is the best part where you get the sirloins and roast from and everything comes with a code that can be traced right back to the wholesaler, the abattoir and the farmer.

“I believe Northern Ireland beef and lamb is the best in the world because of the strict regulations which govern the supply.”