Strategy to promote a borough where all residents ‘live well together’

Mayor Victor Robinson. INNT 24-023-FP
Mayor Victor Robinson. INNT 24-023-FP
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NEWTOWNABBEY Borough Council has announced details of its new Good Relations Strategy for 2012-2016.

The initiative will focus on the development of positive community and race relations in the Newtownabbey area, based on the theme ‘Living Well Together’.

The strategy, which will address local needs and issues, has been drawn up following extensive consultation with local communities, businesses, councillors, statutory and voluntary groups.

Building on the knowledge and experience of a wide range of contributors, the strategy identifies key priorities which will be the focus over the next four-year period. These include developing positive leadership for a shared society, dealing with hard issues, addressing diversity, equality and cultural identify and building shared and consensual spaces.

Underpinning the strategy will be the continued need to work in partnership to ensure that Newtownabbey remains an attractive place to live, work, socialise and play, which is vital to the continued economic and social success of the borough.

Welcoming the new strategy, Mayor Victor Robinson commented: “Newtownabbey continues to be a vibrant and growing area to live, work and visit and the new Good Relations Strategy demonstrates the council’s continued commitment to supporting and developing local communities, whilst providing mechanisms to promote the borough as a shared society where all residents ‘live well together’ and all visitors feel welcome.”

The new strategy won’t be formally launched until next month, but individuals and groups seeking more information about ‘Living Well Together’ should contact Claire Fox, Good Relations Officer, on Tel: 028 9034 0033 or via email at