Urgent help needed for ambulance unit

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Glengormley Ambulance and Rescue Unit has made an urgent appeal for a helping hand from more volunteers in the community.

Due to high demand from many different groups and local people, the facility is now “over-stretched”.

Chief officer Don Kirk explained: “We are now over-stretched as in being requested to transport members of the public to every day groups and even to the point where we transport members in need to different venues such as dentist/hospital/ visiting ill relatives in nursing homes or hospital, just to name a few.

“These members of the public can’t use public transport because of their illness or medical requirements.

“To this end, we require more members of the public to volunteer of their spare time during the day and evenings including weekends.”

Mr Kirk said that, at present, the Glengormley unit cannot cope with the demand on its services

“We transport 40 plus members of the community per week, and sadly, we have had to turn down many more as we don’t have the volunteers.

“We require drivers and trainee ambulance and transport staff .

“Full training will be given in all aspects of the work we carry out and this includes ambulance driving courses; first aid/ ambulance handling including equipment.

“We are also looking those with cars to help transport those who can manage walking into a car as they don’t require ambulance type transport.

“This type of car transport may suit those who have retired and would like to carry out a few hours community support per week helping those less able to get about or have special needs.

“We have two sections to this unit, One is the adult section age, from 15 plus, open to both male and female and no age limit and cadets: 11 years old to 15, male/female.”

Any member of the public wishing to offer their services should email: glengormley.ambulance@ntlworld.com or telephone: 028 90593578 or Text 07733152968 for an information pack.

Further information can be found at website : www.garu.org.uk