Video: Macedon candidates hail ‘good day for unionism’

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Successful election candidates Thomas Hogg, Paul Hamill and John Scott have vowed to work together on the new Antrim and Newtownabbey Council for the good of the people of Macedon.

Cllr Hogg polled 581 first preference votes, while Mr Hamill, standing in his first election, secured 538. Both DUP men were elected on the sixth count following the elimination of Cllr Victor Robinson.

Following the seventh count, Cllr John Scott was elected below quota, with Sinn Fein candidate Bronach Anglin missing out.

All three men expressed their delight at securing seats on the new super council, with each stressing that they will work together for the betterment of Macedon.

“We will work together to do our very best for the people of Macedon in the new council,” Cllr Hogg said.

Pointing to the failure of Sinn Fein to take a seat in the area, he described it as “a good day for unionism.”

Earlier in the day, DUP man Billy DeCourcy topped the poll, closely followed by the Alliance Party’s Billy Webb. TUV candidate David Hollis also took a seat after polling 645 first preferences.

Deputy Mayor Dineen Walker - one of five DUP candidates - was excluded after the first count along with the SDLP’s Dominic Mullaghan.