Ballyclare Darts League results

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We take a quick look at the latest results and news from the Ballyclare Darts League.

5-A-Sides (701): Workies B 1-3 Five Corners ‘A’; Workies ‘C’ 3-1 McConnell’s ‘A’; Sp. Blues ‘A’ 1-3 Ollardale; Sporty’s ‘B’ 1-4 Sporty’s ‘A’; McConnell’s ‘B’ 2-3 Blues ‘B’; Workies ‘A’ 3-1 Five Corners ‘B’; Comrades 2-3 Ollardale ‘B’. Blues ‘A’ - bye.

Five Corners ‘A’ 3-1 Workies ‘C’; Ollardale A 3-1 Sporty’s ‘A’; Blues ‘B’ 2-3 Workies ‘A’; Ollardale ‘B’ 2-3 Blues ‘A’; Blues ‘A’ 3-2 Five Corners ‘A’; Ollardale ‘A’ 1-3 Workies ‘A’.

Final: Workies ‘A’ 2-3 Blues ‘A’ - P. McCord 1-0 R. Tweedie; G. Fleck 0-1 A. Crooks; A. Martin 0-1 A. Todd; J. Blair 1-0 N. Duff; J. Withers 0-1 J. Todd.

Fixtures (November 16): Comrades v Sportsman’s Inn; Workies v Ollardale.

Congratulations to Whithouse Working Men’s Club player Jason McConnell who retained his Youth Tropy at the recent NI Open which was held in Newry.