Larne FC to show support for ‘Pride’

Chris McNaghten.
Chris McNaghten.

Larne Football Club has announced support for the first ‘Gay Pride’ event to be held in the East Antrim area at the weekend.

Players will be wearing rainbow laces during Saturday’s match against Ballymena United at Inver Park “as a show of support to all races, religions and sexuality”.

Larne’s ‘Gay Pride’ event will be hosted the same day by the Olderfleet Bar.

Chairman, Gareth Clements also commented: “With the football club becoming a primary focal point of progress and all that is good in Larne, we believe it is important to show support for this event to celebrate diversity and inclusion within our town.

“It is important that we promote equality and inclusiveness in football as a valued part of our sporting fabric. We hope that the Pride Festival is a success and fully reflects the ‘no judgment or discrimination’ message the organisers are promoting.”

Organiser strongman Chris McNaghten commented: “It’s brilliant to have the support of Larne FC and it truly means so much for our community. The club, which is such a strong pillar within our town, is supporting and accepting everyone which sets a great example for others.

“This is a fantastic message from Larne FC and will certainly mean a lot to many people within the town.”

He has thanked businesses and retailers who have shown their support for the event.

“It’s the town’s support that’s made it all happen.”