Picture special: Ballyclare High pupils rewarded

Ballyclare High celebrated the achievements of pupils and staff in their annual prize night held in the Montgomery Hall on Thursday, September 26.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 12:38 pm
Ballyclare High School AS students who all received 4 A grades.

The school welcomed former pupil, colleague, Department of Education Inspector and official with the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, Dr Robson Davison CBE as guest speaker.

Dr Davison, as a keen historian and member of the local community, has been involved in the production of numerous articles and books about the area with the latest marking the history of Ballyclare Comrades.

After a warm welcome was extended to all, the chair of the board of governors, Dr McMillen went on to state the importance of parents working in partnership positively with the school for the benefit of their children.

Ballyclare High Year 8 prize winners.

The evening progressed with the principal Dr Rainey reporting on all the achievements pupils and staff had attained over the course of the previous year, stating: “This celebration can only but scratch the surface of the collection of accomplishments and successes of our pupils.

“For each individual, success is different. For each, reward and satisfaction, and confidence, comes from being the best they can be.

“Many do great things in the face of adversity and difficulties so let’s remember as we sample some of those successes, that behind every photo, and story, and trophy, is a huge investment by pupils, and also by their teachers.”

Dr Rainey stated that the school has also invested in development of the whole child and co-curricular programme.

Sports Captains Rebecca McCullough and Conor Dargan.

Dr Rainey added: “Congratulations, to all members of our sports teams and their coaches and to our players’ parents who attend matches and provide invaluable support and encouragement to our teams.

“Our cultural activities also reach that pinnacle standard. As accustomed as we have become to performances worthy of the West End, this year’s performance of ‘Oliver’ was no less exhilarating.

“My words roll quickly off the tongue and do not do justice to the efforts and drive needed to bring everything together. This annual show continues to be a shining example of the fruits of teamwork amongst both staff and pupils and we look forward with excitement to continued success on the stage in our forthcoming production of ‘We Will Rock You.’

“There are a myriad of ways in which our pupils have been rewarded through trophies and accolades for their dedication to developing their musical talents. Indescribable credit must go to the music fraternity in school who work so hard to turn out endless top class performances, notorious across the province.”

Adam McDowell and Alex Kappai with the Buchanan Shield for Digital Technology.

In her final words she reiterated her pride in all the pupils irrespective of the level of academic attainment. She praised her staff, describing them as “powerhouses of this school” governors for their fastidious and tireless commitment and passion, and parents and friends of the school wholeheartedly, affirming her confidence in them and their integrity in doing the right things for the pupils in their care.

Dr Robson Davison pictured with Principal, Dr Michelle Rainey, Head prefects and Dr McMillen.
A level pupils with their prizes.
Sarah- Jane Dorrat, Zoe Harris, Freya McKinty, Neave Graham, Robyn McCollam, Hannah Waddell and Robert Reid.