Top recognition for King’s Park Primary

The award recognises the school's outstanding outdoor play offer.
The award recognises the school's outstanding outdoor play offer.

King’s Park Primary School has achieved a quality award that recognises their outstanding outdoor play offer.

The prestigious TOPS (Taking Outdoor Play Seriously) award was conferred by PlayBoard NI, the lead organisation for play in Northern Ireland.

The accolade was presented in recognition of the school’s commitment to making their pupils’ outdoor play experience the best that it can be.

TOPS is a training programme and quality award that supports schools to develop and transform their external environment to encourage and deliver more outdoor play.

Working in partnership with PlayBoard’s TOPS project lead Shauneen McCusker, the school was rewarded for their leadership, vision, and commitment to play, as well as the significant work undertaken.

The year-long mentoring and support programme has resulted in transformed outdoor spaces and enhanced pupil experience. The school has improved opportunities for play-based curricular learning and broadened opportunities for physical and social play.

Justin Conville, Principal, said: “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award, recognising all the hard work that the school community has put in to enhancing our play opportunities at King’s Park.

“We know that children learn best when they are happy and engaged and play is a great tool to ensure this. We are committed to enhancing our provision and ensuring that each child reaches their fullest potential.”

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