Bollards the solution to parking on path outside Doagh PS

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The DOE was set to consider erecting bollards outside Doagh Primary School after safety concerns were raised in February 1986.

The concerns were raised by a local councillor in the area.

Democratic Unionist Party Cllr, Sammy Gardiner was worried that cars parking in the area outside the school meant that pupils could be knocked down by passing motorists. His main worry was that cars were parking on the footpath at the front of the school and called for safety measures to be put in place.

He said: “There seems to be particular congestion at the times when the children are going home from school and at lunchtime.

“With cars parked up on the footpath, the youngsters cannot be seen by motorists passing through Doagh village. It is very dangerous.

“If the Roads Service were to erect bollards along that stretch of pavement, then it would be much safer.”

He added that parents would be much happier if the bollards were introduced.

The local representative also wanted provision of bus shelters in the centre of Doagh, at The Square in Ballyclare and at Kelburn Park in Burnside.