Call for pathway improvements in Rushpark Estate

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Calls were made to improve a pathway in Rushpark in November 1985.

The calls were made by a local community leader, who claimed that the path between the estate and the Shore Road needed improved to try and minimise the possibility of attacks on local women and children.

Mark Williamson claimed that the path was overgrown with hedges and weeds in some places and that it was dimly lit in areas.

He said: “This path has been the scene of a number of attacks on young women and local people are very concerned about this.”

He said that he had written to the DOE, the RUC and Northern Ireland Railways to make them aware of “local people’s fears.”

A spokesperson from the DOE said that the lighting scheme had recently been improved at the path and that repair work would take place on any lights which were not working. They also said that a meeting was scheduled with representatives from Newtownabbey Borough Council to discuss overgrown paths.

A spokesperson from the Royal Ulster Constabulary said that police officers would continue to have routine patrols in the area.