Carnmoney bungalows are ‘an invasion of privacy’

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Residents of Archvale Avenue in Carnmoney were angered after foundations were laid at the rear of their properties in September 1985.

People living in the area were left surprised and angered after it was found that the new chalet bungalows would be directly opposite their properties.

Those living adjacent to the foundations which had been laid, believed that their homes could be devalued by as much as £10,000.

The bungalows were due to be built on elevated ground, with residents claiming that when the buildings were complete, they would overlook their homes.

They claimed that this would be “an invasion of privacy,” and were considering taking legal action against the DOE, as they had vetted the plans for the new homes to be built.

Cllr Jim Rooney felt great sympathy with those who had been affected.

He was shocked, and supported the views of the residents saying that he felt “it would be an invasion of privacy.” He said that not a lot could be done as the foundations were laid, but he was raising it at the next council meeting in the hope that this situation would not happen again.