Could you be a ‘Face of Britain’?

With 2012 now well under way, local people eagerly anticipating the big events of the summer - including the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Euro 2012 - are being given the chance to become a ‘Face of Britain’.

The Faces of Britain website is inviting residents (aged 13+) across the UK to upload a photo of themselves free-of-charge onto the site. There is space for 212 members of every local community to take part. The website will permanently display the photos as a lasting reminder for everyone who joins in.

Once individual areas are complete the 212 photos will be made into a grid-style commemorative poster. The posters will be given out free of charge to local charities, community groups and libraries.

Katie Sanders, co-founder, said: “This year will be history in the making, so we’re giving everyone looking forward to the next few months the opportunity to say ‘we were there’. Faces of Britain is free, quick and simple and we’d love as many people as possible to join in.”

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