Do you remember when... Newtownabbey was second-best kept borough in UK

Housewives in New Mossley and Ballyduff were to “take to the streets” in January 1980 to help clean up their estates.

They were unhappy about a backlog of refuse which had accumulated on the streets in their districts.

In protest, they dumped the contents of their rubbish bins onto Ballyduff Road and Ballyduff Brae.

May Robinson, chairman, of Ballyduff Tenants’ Association, said: “If Newtownabbey Council cannot get the staff to clean the streets, then I’m sure they could get housewives from New Mossley and Ballyduff who would be glad of the extra money.”

Council work manager Jim Swann said: “Not so long ago, I had an advertisement in Ballyduff Community Centre for part-time sweepers but we had no takers.”

Mrs Robinson indicated that she had never seen a sweeper clean up in Ballyduff after the bins had been collected.

She stated that the appearance of the estates “made a mockery” of Newtownabbey’s position as the second-best kept borough in the UK.

“It is obvious that the children of the borough won that scheme and not the council,” she remarked.