Local people urged to be vigilant after ‘wave of muggings’

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A Glengormley DUP councillor had urged people to be vigilant following a “wave of muggings” in February 1988.

Cllr Billy McDonnell said: “I was appalled to learn that recently a local woman was attacked and her handbag stolen.”

“Such experiences must be nerve-wracking and vigilance is needed to track down these gutless fiends who prey on innocent people,” the DUP representative added.

A spokesman from the Royal Ulster Constabulary said that officers were aware of the attack.

He said that there was an ongoing problem throughout the borough, but added: “It certainly hasn’t reached epidemic proportions.

“However, we would advise anyone collecting big amounts of money to take someone with them, if possible, and to vary their times of collection.

“Anyone carrying an exceptionally large amount of money should notify the police.”

Meanwhile, the DOE had renewed its promise to provide traffic lights at the junction of the Manse Road and the Beverley Road. A crossing facility had been introduced in the area in 1987 following a number of fatal road incidents and work was set to start on the traffic lights in the spring.