Looking back... Ballyclare Milk Week visitors told of weight loss success

Ulster Dairy Queen Anna Donnan opened Ballyclare Milk Week at the town hall in April 1965.

The official opening was followed by a dairy cookery demonstration.

The programme included dietary information on the value of dairy products used to show how milk was the basis of “a sensible, slimming diet”.

Three volunteers - a housewife, a young businesswoman and a teenager - had been taking part in a milk-based diet and had reportedly lost weight without feeling “watery or tired”.

The diet was said to have enabled the participants to have “plenty of nourishing food” but still lose between five and seven pounds in seven days.

A “good supply” of the “Yes You Can” dietary information leaflets was to be brought to the town hall for Ballyclare Milk Week.

Other themes of the cookery demonstrations were the preparation of good food at reasonable cost and the “elimination of unnecessary work”.

The week was to be supported by displays of dairy products in food shops and the sale of milk-based drinks in local cafes.

The event was expected to be well attended.