Looking back... Families’ water supply brought to Kings Moss by bus

Domestic water supplies had to be transported by bus for two families in Kings Bog, according to a report in the Larne Times in May 1959.

The report indicated that two deliveries were made on weekdays by the 9.30am service from Ballyclare and the 5.15pm bus from Belfast.

The families each received four containers daily and eight on a Saturday evening.

The arrangement had been approved by the Ulster Transport Authority as the families’ homes had no well due to their mossy location, which made it impossible to use the water for cooking or drinking.

UTA property officer G.S Madden said: “We have been in touch with Antrim Rural Council, which will supply water to a number of areas. We hope to get them fresh tap water as soon as possible.

“Until pipes are laid, we consider the present situation to be perfectly suitable.”

Antrim Rural Council’s surveyor Mr J.A Gawn commented: “Unfortunately, there has been a hold-up as originally Kings Moss was in rural territory, then it was taken over by Newtownabbey Urban Council.

“An extension to a scheme has been agreed by the council, which is now with the ministry for approval.”