Looking back... Final milk deliveries by horse and cart to homes in Ballyclare

The last delivery of milk to homes in Ballyclare by horse and cart was made in May 1959.

Milkman William Henderson made the daily deliveries on behalf of Henryfield Dairy.

He had been doing a milk round since he started work in 1924, at the age of 12 years, for Douglasland Dairy.

Mr Henderson said that it was the end of an era for himself and his horse “Mickey”, which knew where to stop along the route.

He added that unhitching the horse at the end of the round had been a “way of life”.

And it meant that it was Ballyclare’s last house to house service by a horse drawn vehicle.

According to a report in the Larne Times, it had been 10 years since this mode of delivery had been last used widely in the area.

Mr Henderson went on to say that he would now be required to transport 100 gallons of milk by van with the load being collected from Henryfield Farm.

He noted that his route had been extended from four miles to 10 miles, taking longer to complete, although the 6.15am start would remain unchanged.