Looking back... Fund sought to fix Newtownabbey’s ‘appalling roads’

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Back in March 1983, attempts were made to try and persuade the Department of the Environment to release more funds for Newtownabbey’s roads, which local politicians claimed were in an appalling condition.

The council’s Technical Services committee recommended that an approach should be made to the Department for more money. The Divisional Roads Manager’s Annual Report had been referred to the committee for further consideration. A number of councillors were critical of the report. Councillor Arthur Templeton said Newtownabbey’s proximity to Belfast was again one of the reasons the Borough was suffering.

“At present the roads are not being properly sealed, and if this practice continues we will soon have cart-tracks similar to those in the west of Ireland. We should get in touch with the Department again, and point out that changes in the state of local roads,” he said.

The committee also recommended the council ask the Divisional Roads Manager, Mr. T. Warnock, to provide details on the amount of money that has been spent on Belfast, Castlereagh and Newtownabbey roads over the year.