Looking back... Grim warning given to Youth Fellowship on dangers of rock

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A grim warning was given to members of a Youth Fellowship group in Ballynure in April 1984.

They were warned about the alleged dangers of rock music and how it was perceived to be satanic.

The group received a talk from Mr Willis McDowell, who was from the Teen Challenge group. They aided drug addicts and alcoholics.

He claimed that several well known rock groups were satanic in their nature and behaviour, among them Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and Toyah.

His claim was made after several recordings of some groups’ songs were played backwards.

In one instance a song by Jefferson Starship called “Blow against the wind,” was clearly heard to contain the words “Son of Satan” when played backwards.

He warned young people buying rock records to be wary of their content and urged anyone who had records avowedly satanic to destroy them.

He said that after a recent meeting held in Cookstown, almost 100 records had been given to him in order to be destroyed.

He gave particular warning against buying Led Zeplin products.