Looking back... Omission from map causes outrage among councillors

Councillors were outraged over a map which failed to name Newtownabbey the third largest town in Northern Ireland.

According to a report in the East Antrim Times in August 1967, the omission occurred in a new telephone directory.

Councillors believed that the ‘town’ deserved greater recognition.

Councillor Bertie Bickerstaff said: “I have never seen a map on which the town is named, even though it came into existence in 1958.

“It deserves recognition as a separate town instead of breaking it into villages such as Carnmoney, Whiteabbey, Glengormley, but never Newtownabbey.

Mr R.B Lloyd, telephone manager of Northern Ireland, said: “We have already decided to show Newtownabbey on next year’s map.”

Meanwhile, a new sugar depot was to be opened in Glengormley by Minister of Commerce, Mr Faulkner.

The Tate and Lyle plant was to be established at Glenwell Road to distribute the product across Northern Ireland.

Previously, the distribution centre was located at Corporation Street in Belfast where 1,000 tons of sugar was stored.