Looking back... Pensioners living in fear in Rathcoole housing estate

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Claims were made that pensioners in Rathcoole were living in fear in April 1986.

Residents said that there was a “terrifying campaign” being orchestrated by local hooligans.

The elderly residents of pensioners’ bungalows in Roscor Square were forced to endure regular abuse from youngsters who used their gardens as play areas. An 83-year-old woman who lived alone had the windows of her house smashed. She said: “It was just before 10.30pm and I was reading the Bible when I heard this terrible crash. Stones had been thrown through the windows. It was an awful shock. We are all very frightened. Sometimes I wonder how we can go on like this.”

The residents alleged that they could not sleep at night as young people were playing loud music outside their homes.

They also said that if they did complain to the young people- some of whom they said were only “knee high”- they were met with a torrent of abuse.

Cllr David Hollis was concerned that the pensioners’ lives were being made a misery because of the problem which he said had existed for years in various parts of Rathcoole.