Looking back... Quarry blast noise stops hens from laying

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A five-man deputation complained to Ballyclare Urban Council in July 1960 about heavy blasts at a stone quarry at Craighill.

One man, Mr M. Fleck , told the meeting that his 600 poultry had not laid an egg since a blast three weeks previously.

Mr Fleck said that he had been losing £2 a day in egg production.

The council decided to seek advice from the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Health.

The body also agreed to write to the quarry to ask what steps were being taken to minimise annoyance.

Mr Fleck went on to say that during one particular heavy blast, his chairs lifted off the floor.

The town surveyor, J. Smyth reported that several council houses in Craighill had cracks in their structure.

Town clerk, A. Gamble reported that the last heavy explosion had shaken the whole of Ballyclare.

Mr Gamble indicated that on that occasion, 1,600 lbs of explosive had been used.

He added that the blasts were not helping development in that part of the town.

A spokesman for the quarry pointed out that the heavy blasts had been experimental and would not be repeated.