Looking back... Rural primary school under threat of closure

Bruslee Primary School was facing an uncertain future in April 1989.

According to the East Antrim Times, the school, which had just 20 pupils enrolled, was facing closure the following June.

From September 1989, there was to be just one teacher instead of two.

Principal Emma Caul said that during the previous five years, enrolment had reduced from 50 to 20.

The report said that the policy of the North Eastern Education and Library Board had been to close one-teacher schools. However, Bruslee was to be allowed to remain open for a year so there would be no “upheaval” for primary seven children undergoing the transfer test.

Mrs Caul said: “It is a shame and a loss which the community will never be able to replace. Any closure would be a blow to the community. Many local people have attended Bruslee and it holds a lot of memories for them.”