Looking back... Safety problems to be addressed at Monkstown line

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In May 1988, a site meeting was held in Monkstown to assess the safety measures in place near the rail way line which ran near the homes of some residents.

Tynan Drive residents claimed that it was only a matter of time before a child was killed on the railway tracks at the bottom of their street.

They claimed that for months they had tried to have holes in the fence beside the tracks repaired, but said no one would take responsibility for the job.

Councillors Billy McDonnell, Billy Snoddy and Ald Billy Boyd met with Housing Executive district manager, Mr Brian Newman.

Commenting on the situation, Cllr McDonnell said: “The Housing Executive has been involved in similar matters before, but they say it’s not their problem and Northern Ireland Railways say it’s not theirs.

“NIR talk about updating the track yet they ignore basic safety measures and if the new station at Belfast goes ahead, there will be more trains than ever on this stretch.

“People say the parents shouldn’t let their children near the track, but a railway track is always an attraction. If there is a short cut there, people will use it.”