Looking back... Toddler survives fall from bedroom window after landing in bucket

An 18-month-old toddler survived a fall from a bedroom window of a house in Newtownabbey by landing in a coal bucket.

The child fell 15ft from the second storey after lifting the window latch, according to a report in the Larne Times in 1959.

The report stated that the youngster escaped serious injury and was taken to the children’s hospital suffering from cuts and bruises.

A neighbour said that the girl had been standing on a bed in her home before she lifted the window latch.

She explained that the wind pulled open the window and the child had fallen head first from the window.

The bucket had been placed outside the scullery door in the back garden for “handiness during bad weather.”

The child was found by her mother who raced out of the house to find her facing downwards with her face and arm in the bucket.

The report suggested that the location of the bucket had broken her fall onto a concrete wall at the rear of the house.

At hospital, the child was reportedly able to walk down the corridor and “take an active interest in other child patients.”